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Les Sardignac


It is opposite the Folies Bergère.
Yes, just-in-face. Not 20 meters or 10 meters, OPPOSITE told you !!!

The Sardignac is a wine bar - restaurant located since November 2012 side (opposite) of the legendary music hall. Created by Emmanuelle Sardou and Vincent Solignac (you will understand that the Sardignac, it does not come sardine ...), you will find a regularly updated proposal of twenty wines by the glass and an extensive wine list, very french great majority, unearthed by the owners directly from the winemakers.

The kitchen of Xavier CHOCQ, inventive bistro and gourmet cuisine, is made from fresh, seasonal products: bread of Pont-Eveque with honey and cumin, eggplant millefeuille with chorizo, mellow with oil olive and goat curd for a starter or a snack; classic croq'Sardignac or truffle gouda (a must), Catalan sausage or vegetarian salad, and for dessert, day cream, cheesecake and bread pudding are just proposals for a tempting and varied menu. You can also take the shot Prunier caviar, a plate of Basque charcuterie or cheese, or Zette, very large mixed plate to share with friends at the bar, under the splendid rococo ceiling.

The reception is up: here we speak, looking at you, listening to you, we suggest you, it tells the story of wines or dishes, sometimes even one scolds you, in short, we meet, and it's good.

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